Winerack design

The VintageView Winerack design and Showroom Center is an inspiring gallery of nearly 80 square meters and presents the best of the design of wall mounted wine rack and floating wine bottle racks.

*** The Winerack design Center is not open to the general public.

*** Take the 360 Tour!  Or visit one of our dealers in Europe

VintageView Design Center

VintageView Design Center and Showroom

The VintageView Design Center is a state-of-the-art showcase of our industry leading wall-mounted and floating wine racks. We use the nearly 80 square meters of space to inspire wine cellar builder, interior design, custom home, and architecture firms by helping imagine wine displays in beautiful fashion.

The room showcases W Series, Vino Series, Island Display Rack and Evolution systems to help the design community and DIYers envision our patented wall mounted wine rack in both commercial and residential applications.