Becoming a VintageView distributor or dealer

We are looking for VintageView distributors in Europe. We are the leader in contemporary, wall mounted wine rack design and manufacturing. But we don’t just make great product that wine-centric customers seek. We pride ourselves in providing world-class fulfillment, service, and marketing support for the best wine cellar companies wordwide.

Designed for companies that focus primarily on wine cellar builds and products, our national dealer and wine cellar builder trade programs come with competitive pricing structures, full design services, quick shipping, and custom fabrication.

We are always on the lookout for new, unique partners and VintageView distributors who bring value to our network. Drop us a note if you are ready to expand your wine cellar products and designs from traditional wood to amazing metal options. We are also looking for qualified wine cellar builders and interior architects.

Explore the ways we help our dealers and wine cellar builders…

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How does dealer & VintageView Europe distributor pricing work?

We offer several wine cellar builder and dealer programs. Please get in touch to find the right plan for your business.

Does our business get a dedicated contact at VintageView?

Yes. We have different reps dependent on business category and region that will serve as your primary point of contact. We also have several other team members dedicated to all aspects of customer service to ensure from design to delivery, you receive the world-class service you deserve.

Do you offer exclusivity to a region?

While we are extremely picky about the Wine Cellar Builders and National Dealers we take into our programs, we do not grant any geographic or product exclusivity at this time.

Do you dropship for ecommerce orders?

Yes. We are well-versed in small rack drop shipping for ecommerce accounts, shipping the same day on most orders. However, as we have a robust roster of ecomm style dealers, we are only looking for new partners who bring a strategic partnership opportunity to us.

Why should we carry your product line?

We invented the label forward look and have continued to evolve the contemporary wine rack market with our cutting edge product design. We back our award-winning metal wine racks with a lifetime warranty and bend over backwards on customer service and fulfillment to ensure we are the best manufacturer you work with.

Do you offer design services for our client projects?

Yes. We provide complimentary CAD services on all your projects. Typical turnaround time is 7 to10 business days.

What happens to customers who price shop a project?

When our sales team is asked to match or improve a quote from any of our preferred dealers or wine cellar builders, we redirect them to the original company assuming there are no customer service issues reported. Our goal is provide both you and your customers world-class services to pair with our world-class products.

Do we have to follow sales pricing guidelines?.

Yes. We have a Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy in affect for all distributors, which covers any visible pricing on websites, social media channels, and more.

Interested in becoming a VintageView Europe distributor?

Reserved for companies which focus primarily on wine cellar design and products, split into two primary levels:


Open to dealers who meet stringent annual revenue and brand standards. This level comes with the most competitive wholesale pricing structure, access to exclusive promotions, dedicated landing page on, certified badges, significant marketing support, and all Standard Dealer perks.


Open to wine cellar companies who meet minimum annual revenue benchmarks. This comes with a competitive wholesale pricing structure, product training and technical support, access to a robust database of wine cellar installation examples, product photos, website listing, and more.

VintagerView ShowroomsReserved for cellar builders and companies in a complimentary segments — such as a millworker of kitchen design company — that have a brick-and-mortar showroom, split into two levels:


Open to partners who meet stringent annual revenue and brand standards while providing a marque showroom placement of VintageView products. This level comes with competitive wholesale pricing structure, access to exclusive promotions, significant marketing support, and all Signature perks.


Open to partners who meet annual revenue and brand standards while providing  showroom placement of VintageView products. This level comes with competitive wholesale pricing structure.

Reserved for companies in a complimentary segment — such as an architecture firm, interior design company, builder, etc. — that regularly include wine cellars/displays in their projects. Perks include elevated brand support and trade pricing. Annual revenue standards apply.

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